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Season Wrap Up

Summer is ending and the season was fantastic this year. The weather was wonderful again this summer if you don't mind the drought that accompanies the warm sunny days. We added two new community activities, the Evening Lake Flotilla and the First Annual Field Day. Both events were fun for adults and kids. Friends and families were spotted throroughly enjoying the lake, trails and surroundings. Eagle Lake is so lucky to have people who care about keeping our traditions of fun and friendship alive. If you weren't able to join us this year, don't miss these events next year! We've had plenty of help this summer and there are lots of thank yous to be shared.

  • Thank you to Dan Larson for organizing our Work Party and Field Day and for weed whacking the lake trail which has made it easier for people to enjoy walking around the lake.

  • Thank you to Tim Higgins and Bernard Jalbert who cut and brushed out Otter Point to reopen the water access that had become overgrown. Bernard and Carole donated a bench to increase the enjoyment of this spot as shown in the photo.

  • Thank you to Ann Peterson for organizing Carl's retirement celebration and to Bernard and Carole who hosted the party at their home.

  • Thank you to Larry Trumbull for his ongoing volunteer support of the Eagle Lake water system and the countless hours he spends working on it for us.

  • A special thanks to all members of the Eagle Lake community who attended Potlucks, cleaned plants out of the lake, maintained the trails and volunteered their time and energy toward keeping Eagle Lake the special place that we all love!

Responses to employment adds for a new Caretaker have been enthusiastic. Tim Wells has received over thirty resumes and notes that the inclusion of the Caretaker's Residence is of high interest to applicants. Many of the candidates are local folks and they comprise most of the canidates participating in preliminary interviews. MIchele Streich and Larry Trumbull are part of the tean conducting this first round of interviews. Rich Lee and Corey Wiscomb have agreed to review resumes from local finalist candidates. Tim plans to present the board with a list of these finalists in the near future. Then the ELCA Board will conduct interviews and make a final decision. Look for a complete report and newsletter when the October Board Meeting Minutes are posted on this site.

Unfortunately, our water system is acting up again and Larry Trumbull has been working with Bob Eagan's team to resolve the issue. We will be replacing one of our pumps and resolving any remaining issues with leaks. Our system has suffered from lack of proper maintenance over the years. The Board has authorized Bob Eagan and Laura Zybas of CRM to manage our overall water system maintenance. Larry Trumbull is handling the daily system checks and using his engineering expertise to make sure the system is working well. The good news is that any issues we had are quickly being resolved, our water is safe to use for any purpose and we still have one of the best wells in the county.

If you're interested in helping us develop a community emergency plan, please contact Susan McBain; We'll rest easy knowing we have a plan in place.

The Eagle Lake Ladies Social Club, formerly known as Stitch, will continue to meet on Mondays at 1:00pm. Please don't hesitate to join in whenever you're available. The conversation is lively, sometimes there are treats and you can still stitch if you wish.

Finally, please join me in welcoming Sam Blackman, Julie McNeill and their daughter to Eagle Lake. They are the new owners of Site 14 at 61 Sunrise Bluff. It's wonderful to have them join us out here. Welcome!

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