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One thing we all have to be thankful for this holiday season is Larry Trumbull, ELCA Volunteer! He continues to do an excellent job driving our progress on improving the EL water system. Larry supports a solid and capable team (Bob Egan, Laura Zybas from Coldspring Resource Management - CRM, Ben Booth) who are accomplishing all they set out to do in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Work on the Eagle Lake water system has been divided into three phases. Phase 1, which involved the installation of a new chlorinator and meter, has been completed. Phase 2, fixing the leaks in the system, was a little more complicated. A leak between the Pump House and the Meeting House has been identified but locating the leak was problematic. A new trench was dug, pipe installed and a water meter discovered in the process. Ben Booth worked on the trenching with Bob Egan and saved the community $650 in labor costs. There was also a major leak on a homeowner’s site and that has been addressed. Consequently, "non-summer/peak" water usage is down from 8,000 gallons down to nearly 2,000 gallons per day. This is a direct result of executing Phases 1 and 2 which are primarily made up of improvements on Well #2 and the two major leaks across our system being handled efficiently.

Next step is to execute Phase 3, which is to replace the old pump which was no longer working effectively. This new pump will double the capacity of water we can bring up from Well #2, and allow us to relieve the pressure we used to typically place on Well #1 during the high season. Well #2 is now in excellent condition and very capable of handling this upgrade.

Eagle Lake water is now being monitored properly and carefully. System monitoring and maintenance are being well documented as we continue to learn how to better manage our water system. We are all grateful for the cleaner, clearer, better tasting water flowing from our faucets. Thank you Larry!

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