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Wet! Wild! Wonderful!

Wind, rain and wild weather herald our approaching winter and nothing is dull about discussing the weather on any given day. Eagle Lake Falls are eye catching and one of many winter benefits. Steve Jung captured the moment for us to savor and remind us that our wet season has its own glories! The rain and wind have certainly kept our new Caretaker, Ben Booth, busy notifying us of incoming weather, staying on top of tree removal and road clearing in addition to his regular duties. It's easy to see the results of his regular efforts along the trails, in the shop, on the roads and around the community. A full report of Ben's activities is included in the Board packet posted this month.

Board liaisons, committee chairs and our treasurer are sending in written reports prior to each board meeting and approved as part of the consent agenda. Consequently, you’ll have access to current information, the approved minutes for the previous board meeting and highlights of the December meeting via our newsletters and the web site. Being “in the know” is just a mouse click away. December committee reports and October Board Meeting Minutes have been posted.

Strategic thinking and planning for our future is an ELCA Board focus for this year. Continuing stewardship of the community is the board’s primary responsibility and preparing for our future is an integral component. Consequently, a finance team has been put together to develop a five-year budget plan. Doug Cook, Jim Johnson and Phil Smilanick will begin work in this project in February. This proactive, strategic approach to managing Eagle Lake resources allows the ELCA to plan for future major infrastructure upgrades and maintenance, build financial reserves to minimize assessments and respond to emergencies effectively. The board is adding Board Liaisons to committees, formal and informal, who are responsible for tasks/projects/activities linked to designated funds. These liaisons will be a resource to the committees and help with communication when decisions need to be made.

Will Wyckoff and Joey Brashier are our new neighbors on Sunrise Bluff and will be living here full-time. They moved here from New Mexico and into their home in November. If you see them out and about when you’re here, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and welcome them to Eagle Lake!

We’re looking forward to seeing more friends and family around the lake this holiday season. Where ever you are, have wonderful holidays and enjoy those lengthening days ahead. Happy New Year!

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