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Fruits of Labor

Our orchard is being reclaimed! Ben Booth is out there pruning trees and letting in light to give our lovely orchard what it needs to bloom and grow. Larry Trumbull and Rich Lee offered guidance and support. We have five trees that could someday produce pears, apples, and more for us to enjoy. Make sure you stop by to enjoy our orchard ambience and anticipate the fruits of Ben’s labor.

Ann Peterson will be sending out Community Garden information soon. Watch for her email. New garden protocols are in place including individual patches of space. That means all the “Little Red Hens” who are willing to put in the time and effort to cultivate their gardens may reap their own rewards and personally enjoy the fruits of their labor. Please make sure you contact Ann if you’re interested.

Water has been the topic of conversation at Eagle Lake. Ben Booth is in a constant battle with the culvert system to keep water off our roads and working hard to protect them during one of the rainiest winters in recent history. Larry Trumbull has been faced with numerous challenges posed by our pump system. We are also faced with some decisions and requirements about our sewer/septic system. The community continues to grapple with a number of water and sewer system issues. Reports from contractors working for the community have highlighted areas needing repairs, documentation, proper permitting etc. Consequently, the Board has created a permanent committee using the Design Review Committee model to monitor the Water, Sewage and Septic Systems and report regularly. The new Water and Sewer/Septic Committee (WASS) reports will be posted under the Board Minutes section of this website along with the other regular reports. Reading all the posted Board reports is essential to staying informed about what’s happening at Eagle Lake.

If you look closely, there are signs that spring is just around the corner. Slight swelling of tree buds, daffodils poking their heads above ground, and the slow return of light all herald the hope of spring. Soon we’ll be able to enjoy sunny skies, balmy breezes and all the beauty that is Eagle Lake. Think Spring!

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