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Winter freeze…warm welcome!

Boy it’s been cold outside! Eagle Lake has been blanketed for weeks by a sheet of ice and the view from our dock chair was dramatically different. Ben Booth has kept us posted as our wild and crazy winter weather comes and goes providing support during power outages and keeping our roads clear. Thank you Ben!

It might be cold outside but the Eagle Lake Community is as warm and welcoming as ever. We’ve enjoyed getting together to connect during the winter and are pleased to welcome several new site owners into our midst. Katy and Kelly White have moved into 55 Wood Duck. Jon Milksch has purchased the site at 66 Georgia Strait Lane and Joan and Will Miller have braved the cold on Site 31 to spend time out here with us this winter! We’re delighted to have them join us. Summer Potlucks are right around the corner and promise relaxation and fun as we reconnect and get to know our new members surrounded by balmy breezes and gorgeous sunsets.

In the meantime, there’s plenty to keep us busy. Don’t forget that the Eagle Lake Women’s Club meets on Monday mornings at 10:00am in the Meeting House. Feel free to stop by if you’re here. The Board has embraced several projects involving trail improvements and use of Boys’ and Girls’ Islands. Joey Brashier and Tiffany Johnson are working together to pull together a list of skills, talents and volunteers available here to help us make Eagle Lake even better! Don’t be shy about letting them know how you can help! Eagle Lake Field Day is returning in 2017 and some residents are already researching cardboard boat construction tips! Last year saw the return of this event and it was a huge hit!

Stay warm, enjoy the beauty that winter brings and think spring! Soon the fish will be jumping, the lake busy with kayaks, canoes and paddle boards and we'll embellish the winter tales of 2017. Whatever the weather or the season, Eagle Lake offers a warm welcome to all!

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