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There's Snow Place...

Some residents say this is the most snow we’ve seen in several years out here. It’s made driving an unexpected thrill and Ben did another wonderful job of keeping the roads passable. More than one resident or guest needed a little help from a friend or a good set of tire chains to navigate our hills. Our snow globe world is glorious and something to savor while it lasts.

Water in its many forms has occupied all of us this year. Larry Trumbull has devoted countless hours monitoring our water, working with our subcontractors on our pumps and tanks and offering the benefits of his engineering expertise to us in making water related decisions. Ben Booth is now certified and ready to take on the daily water testing that Larry did voluntarily for us this past year. While he’s giving up daily volunteer role, Larry will continue to be available as a resource. Please join the Board in extending our heartfelt “thank you” to Larry for his tireless energy and contributions to Eagle Lake. Thank you, Larry! You’ve made a huge difference to all of us in the Eagle Lake Community.

Another volunteer, Robin Cook, called everyone whose contact information was available to remind them that the mailing address for dues payment has changed. It was a wonderful gesture to make our lives easier and help us all stay on top of changes. We welcome Cathy Vierthaler as our new bookkeeper following Lisa Dart-Nakon’s departure for new adventures. February Board Meeting Minutes and Committee Reports are posted. Please remember to check the Minutes page to stay up to date on Board activity.

Spring and the beginning of the season are right around the corner. Until then, we’re going to enjoy all the beauty of winter knowing there’s “snow” place like Eagle Lake!

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