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Field Day Fun!!!

Eagle Lake’s 3rd Annual Field Day was a big hit thanks to Dan Larson, Bernard Jalbert and their team of organizers! Gray skies and cold breezes couldn’t keep the smiles off faces! The day began with a crowd pleasing kickball game for all ages. After the kickball warmup attendees cooled down with the Water Balloon Toss and then unleashed their energy tossing water balloons at Dan Larson as he sprinted around the Playfield. A quick change of clothes and Dan challenged all to a volleyball game which left players breathless, diving, and laughing and having a wonderful time. During all this, a wild game of Ladder Ball was happening, a serious Corn Hole competition heated up and Bocce Ball rolled along. Imagine all this and these were just the morning activities!

The Great Cardboard Boat Race Challenge tested the ingenuity, creativity and perseverance of all ages. Each team was given a stack of cardboard, a roll of Duct Tape and a little over an hour to build their boats. Four boats were ready to launch and the race was underway. The fast “Drowning Fish” captured first place and completed two and a half laps around the swim dock. Proven seaworthy after completing three laps and eager for more, the “Nessie” arrived in second place. Never outdone in fun, boats three and four challenged the field and ferried smiling captains and crew back to shore. Check out the slideshow in "pictures" on the main site.

Eagle Lake residents and friends owe Dan and Bernard a huge round of applause and heartfelt thanks for making this a day to remember!!! Mark your calendars now for Field Day 2018 on August 11th. Start researching “how to build cardboard boats” now!

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