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The Roads Less Traveled

In winter’s quiet, the road less traveled beckons us. Eagle Lake residents have long reveled in traversing its trails and exploring the property. Thanks to our Eagle Lake Trails Committee our hiking options have been increased dramatically!

Will Miller, Larry Trumbull, Jim Johnson, Tim Higgins and Heather Rosenberg have maximized the impact of volunteer service, opened a number of new trails, improved existing ones and expanded recreational opportunities for us all. They’ve all been out working regularly and are beginning to see the fruits of their labors. Any of these folks would be more than happy to give you a guided tour. Here’s a tentative map of the new trails which will be updated as work continues.

We now have a Perimeter Trail along the outer edges of Eagle Lake. One part of the Perimeter Trail that is quite nice is what we are calling the Orcas Hilton Loop. It’s a mellow walk on the old gentle, graded road of the undeveloped Phase Four.

New residents have arrived at the lake. The Swan family is enjoying the winter quiet and reminding us to welcome all new comers to our community. Mark Gleason and Maile Sullivan have purchased Site 42 on Raven Lane. Congratulations and welcome!

Thank you, resident elf, for decorating the little tree by the mailboxes. The touch of holiday whimsy was delightful.

Now it’s time to keep your eyes open for those early signs of spring as you traverse our new trails. We live in a truly special place and are grateful for the volunteers who are putting blood, sweat and tears into making Eagle Lake even better for us all!

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