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The One That Got Away...

The Big One's there waiting for - you along with hundreds of his closest relatives!

March 23, 2018 was the big day for restocking Eagle Lake. Thanks to the efforts of Larry Trumbull, Michel Yavercovski and Ben Booth, rainbow and cutthroat trout species were added to our current fish population. These fish measured 5-8 inches long and will be great for catching all season. While the otters, ospreys and eagles often enjoy a buffet, our recently installed fish grate will help to keep from swimming to the sea and support living out their lives in Eagle Lake. Although if you're out hiking you might see earlier generations hiding out in pooling waters downstream.

The fish arrived by truck and a couple of avid fishermen stood by at the ready.

It's cold and wet work but Eagle Lake volunteers don't let that stand in their way. Already angling for ways to avoid any bait and switch schemes in their future, these intrepid trout made quite the splash upon their arrival!

Just wait until we can enjoy splashes of silver in the evening sunsets. It's time to consider dusting off that fishing gear and hiking to the lake. The Big One only thinks he got away!

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