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Not Too Far...

April 19th was the perfect day to install a bridge! Designed by Bernard Jalbert, the bridge is the jewel in the crown of the Girls' Island restoration project. Ben Booth and Tim Wells first hiked the area in fall 2015 sharing a vision and a plan for its future. Volunteers devoted countless hours of time to clearing the island and turning that vision into reality. It's a wonderful addition to the options for recreation and relaxation around Eagle Lake.

All we needed was a way to get from the shore to the island that didn't involve wading! Ben Booth, Eagle Lake Caretaker, found his repertoire of skills came in handy. He handled everything from milling the timbers and cutting to size, to taking a conceptual drawing and hand fitting each piece, to the planning and execution of the delivery and set up to the organizing of the volunteer team. Thanks to huge help from Larry Trumbull, Jon Miksch and Ben's friends Chris and Kathy Sutton, our bridge, Tim's Bridge, to Girls island was installed. Tim would have been delighted with the final project and thrilled to be remembered. A complicated project, this is definitely not a bridge too far for Eagle Lake!

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