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The Grill Next Door

It's your chance to meet the new grill next door! Saturday, May 26th is the date for our first Eagle Lake Potluck of the season. After collecting donations from many community members, Susan McBain was able to purchase a gas grill for use at the Picnic Shelter.

As always, our community Potlucks begin at 6pm at the Picnic Shelter. Attendees bring a dish to share, something to grill for themselves, their own place settings and beverages. Dishes to share can be appetizers, salads, sides or desserts. As we learned in school, "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit." Surprise is part of the fun.

Our grill sports a new lock and cover. The lock's combination is the same as the Meeting House 1930. There's no need to light the fire ahead of time; just turn on the propane and fire her up whenever you're ready. And the best thing is that RSVPs are not required. You just show up and have fun!

Potlucks happen every Saturday Memorial Day through Labor Day. Get ready to enjoy Saturday nights with your new "grillfriend!" See you at the lake.

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