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There’s “Snow” Business…

“Snowmageddon” heralded the perfect week to cuddle under blankets, curl up with good books, send emails, catch up on favorite TV series, build snowmen, and step into snowshoes or cross country skis. Eagle Lake is glorious. Winter residents are relaxing and savoring the quiet beauty of new fallen snow from the warmth of their homes. That is most residents; there’s one notable exception -- Ben Booth!

Ben is braving the cold to remove downed trees, salt, plow and monitor our roads while checking and caring for all of us and our homes.

While we’re wrapped in cozy blankets or warming in front of the fire; Ben is braving freezing temperatures to keep us safe! He’s out early and staying late to insure that our roads are open, that we can get out and that emergency vehicles can get to us. Ben keeps his eye on our pipes, water and power and makes sure we all know when to anticipate extreme wind and weather.

Winter is a quiet season; it’s deceptively quiet. In the midst of this pristine setting, Ben Booth is one very busy man.

Thank you, Ben! You’re a “snow business” legend! We’re lucky to have you living here and caring for our Eagle Lake community!

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