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Keep on Truckin'

Eagle Lake is the proud owner of a powerful truck! Ben Booth spent hours of his own time researching used trucks for sale and discovered the perfect vehicle for our needs waiting in Mequon, WI. It’s a 2006 Ford F-350 showing with a 9' Western straight blade snowplow, Swenson hydraulic spreader and new tires. Gas mileage will be the same or better than we get with our current smaller pickup.

Without delay, Ben flew to Wisconsin to get the keys and drive our new "problem solver" home. Eagle Lake's ability to independently maintain our property and handle our own repairs saw immediate impact upon the new truck's arrival at the shop. There's some new gravel and Dust Tack on the roads already. Here are some fast facts about the new truck’s capabilities:

  • It can deliver large quantities of sand and salt to keep our roads safe in winter.

  • It will speed up process of rebuilding gravel roads by 3 times, compacting gravel twice as fast, and do a much better job compacting thanks to its heavy weight. This adds longevity to our road surfaces.

  • It will plow our roads much faster, do a much better job and meet county road standards.

  • It's able to carry pallets up to 7’ long.

  • It loads and unloads with forklift or can be dumped.

  • It's capable of carrying larger loads of gravel, chips, sand, and firewood or logs, reducing delivery cost, delivery times, and wear and tear.

We've all appreciated Ben’s herculean efforts at keeping our roads plowed this winter, but it’ll be much better to see him warm and cozy in the cab of the new truck next snowfall and avoid the wear and tear on our tractor. Winter, spring, summer and fall Ben can keep on truckin’ for Eagle Lake in style!

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