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How Do COVID-19 Guidelines Apply to Eagle Lake?

Here's how we're living with Covid-19. Eagle Lake Residents are following Washington State and San Juan County Phase 2 Requirements. This means:

  • ̈ When out and about Eagle Lake maintain a social distance of 6 feet and wear a face covering.

  • Currently, Washington State and San Juan County require the following: You must wear a face

  • covering in indoor public settings like the grocery store, pharmacy, hardware store, health clinic, and other locations. You should also wear a face covering outside if you cannot keep six feet (or two meters) away from other people at all times.

  • ̈ When hiking and walking the trails and roads, and using any of the beaches, docks or lake facilities only five or fewer people outside your household may be involved. Households include family members living with you full time.

  • ̈ Gather with no more than five people outside your household per week.

  • ̈ At the lake and the Picnic Shelter, make sure tables and chairs are spaced 6 feet apart prior to use.

  • ̈ Wipe the tables and chairs down with disinfectant or disinfectant wipes before and after using.

  • ̈ If you use the barbecue, it MUST be thoroughly cleaned and exterior disinfected when you are

  • finished.

  • ̈ Do not use communal beach toys, floats or life preservers. Bring your own from home.

It’s summer and we all love hanging out at the lake! Please remember:

  • ̈ You must limit your group size according to State requirements.

  • ̈ Make sure to keep the dock area accessible and available to all who want to use it. Please be

  • respectful and welcoming.

  • ̈ Boats, Kayak, SUPs, Paddles etc. whether locked are unlocked are the property of individual residents.

  • Please do not use without permission. There are two communal canoes available to all Eagle Lake

  • residents.

  • ̈ Music played in the Common Areas disrupts the peace and quiet of residents, especially those living around the lake. Please be respectful and considerate.

  • ̈ Pets need to be under voice control at all times or leashed.

  • ̈ Pick up your pets POOP! There are bags at Eagle Lake and on the Playfield for your convenience.

  • ̈ You are responsible for your guests at all times! (even if you’re not here)

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