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Eagle Lake Community Association - 2020/2021 Committee Roster 

The Eagle Lake Board maintains various standing committees to help the Board perform the work of the community. Committee work is a wonderful way to get to contribute to ELCA and a great entry point for those interested in potentially serving on the board. To join a committee, please contact the committee chair or the Eagle Lake Board Secretary (

Design Review Committee (Contact:

Chair: Ann Peterson 

Members: Michel Yavercovski, Nancy Wells, Jon Miksch, Will Miller, Will Wyckoff, Bernard Jalbert 


Caretaker Supervisor (Contact: Jon Miksch -


Forestry (Contact: Ben Floyd) 


Chair: Ben Floyd  

Members: Ben Floyd, Dean Daugherty (San Juan Preservation Trust, ex officio), Will Miller, Bob Santonocito 


Roads (Contact: Ron Rosenberg)


Chair: Ron Rosenberg 

Members: Aaron Werner, Ben Booth 


Sustainability (Contact: Joey Wyckoff) 


Chair: Joey Wyckoff 

Members: Nancy Wells, Deb Yavercovski, Susan McBain 


Volunteer (Contact: Heather Rosenberg) 


Co-chairs: Heather Rosenberg and Robin Cook

Trails Working Group: Heather Rosenberg Tim Higgins, Will Miller, Linda Wilkes, Larry Trumbull 

Gate Working Group: Heather, Mia Doces, Katie McHugh, Joey Wykoff 


WASS (Contact: Linda Wilkes) 

Chair: Linda Wilkes 

Members: Dave Billings, Jon Miksch, Ben Booth 

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