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"...and the Livin' is Easy"

Summertime is here and Eagle Lake is the place for easy living! The sun is out, temperatures are warming and our lake and trails are tempting us to enjoy. We’re looking forward to seeing many residents, family and friends enjoying Eagle Lake and excited about reconnecting during the Potlucks, Work Parties and Annual Meeting.

Saturday night Potlucks have begun and will continue through Labor Day. One resident asked, “Who supposed to light the fire?” The answer is; the first person to arrive at the Picnic Shelter lights the fire! It’s a casual approach but if you want to be sure that the fire is ready and waiting by 6:00pm, then appoint yourself the community “Firestarter” and arrive a little early to get it lit.

Ben Booth has been working above and beyond the call of duty to whip things into shape around here. His Caretaker Report is included in the Board Reports posted on the website and is a detailed review of his activities. We’re fortunate to have such a talented individual. Ben’s multiple skills and talents have saved us money and helped us to begin to catch up on an extensive backlog of deferred maintenance and repairs. As you know, the Caretaker position was revised and the job description changed. Somethings are being done differently. The Board has hired outside contractors to manage the water, sewer and partial mowing. Please make sure you read all the posted minutes and committee reports so that you understand how these activities have changed this year. If you have requests, questions or concerns you wish to ask the Caretaker and/or his supervisor-Tim Wells, please put them in an email to; This allows us to prioritize, evaluate and track maintenance and service at Eagle Lake. Your suggestions and comments are strongly encouraged!

Jim Johnson has been working on some exciting ideas for Girl’s Island. He’s leading the efforts to schedule our Community Work Party to get it done. Take a look at the June Board Reports for details about the plans and watch for announcements about date(s) and time. It’s exciting to add another area for us to use and enjoy around the lake.

Recently, the Board was asked to review/clarify the CCRs and the construction of yurts on undeveloped sites. You’ll hear more about this at the Annual Meeting but the bottom line is that any owner has a five year window that begins the date the site was purchased and ends exactly five years later to build and enjoy a yurt. If you’re selling a site make sure your realtor conveys this information to your buyer. Variances to the CCRs cannot be granted by the Board or the DRC.

August’s Annual Meeting promises to be one of the most informative in recent history. In addition to presenting a five-year budget plan, Board Members will be specifically addressing the condition of our water and sewer systems (including the permitting process), road conditions and maintenance, and steps needed to maintain our forest due to the effects of drought and heat. We’ll also take care of electing new board members and thanking those volunteers who are stepping down. This is an important year for you to attend the Annual Meeting on August 6th. The Potluck following the Annual Meeting is a treat and worth the trip. Hope to see you there!

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