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Trick or Treat ?!?

Fall has arrived in full force at Eagle Lake. You never know from one day to the next if the weather will be glorious and offer us a treat. Or perhaps the winds will roar amidst pelting torrential rain tricking us into despairing of ever seeing the sun again. La Nina is set and so is the prediction for a much colder and wetter season than normal. We're ready!

Ben has already scrambled to remove multiple downed trees on Larkspur, Tsuga and Eagle Lake Lanes. There were some huge trunks to cut and limbs to remove and it's only October. Who knows what's in store for us when winter comes? The Board authorized the purchase of a salt spreader attachment for our truck so that icy roads can be made safer. We’re gearing up, ready to enjoy the warmth of a fire and good company to share the longer, colder nights ahead.

Volunteer spirit has continued to be a hallmark of the summer and fall months. A group of intrepid Eagle Lake hikers picked up bags of trash at Point Lawrence. Many of these hearty souls have joined together to form the new Trails Committee. They've already opened up a new perimeter trail option for us. The Board Reports for September include a map of the new trails being cut on Eagle Lake property and the old trails being refreshed and maintained by our volunteers.

Our Meeting House is being cleaned quarterly by the Monday Eagle Lake Women’s group. Armed with cleaning supplies and a sense of humor, these ladies tackled the cobwebs and carpet with vigor. Larry Trumbull stained and finished the logs in the lake parking area. He provided the stain, supplies and muscle to complete the job. The Eagle Lake Volunteer Committee has tantalized us by planning some new social events: a wine tasting and a progressive dinner. More details on these to follow as the holidays draw near.

As the seasons changed, we honor the memory of two or our members. J. Stuart Freeman, Anne’s husband (Site 42) passed away last July. Long-time resident Bruce Martin, Ann Peterson’s husband (Site 4) passed away in September. On behalf of the Association, the ELCA Board extends its deepest sympathies to Anne, Ann and their families.

Remember to read the Board Meeting Minutes and the Board Committee Reports posted on the Minutes page. This promises to be another busy year for the Board and it’s important that you stay abreast of all that is happening. Whether it’s Board activities, the weather, or daily living at the lake there are surprises in store and plenty of tricks and treats to go around!

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